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An alternating current AC or direct current DC power supply is connected to an electrode and to the workpiece; an arc Electric Arc Welding struck between electrode and work, melting the work to make the joint. Here are some common electrodes and their uses:• Maintain your equipment and check for faulty parts- Over using the machine can cause damage from overheating so know when to give your machine a rest.

Tulsa, OK campus is licensed by OBPVS and ASBPCE. This high-temperature zone will produce UV rays. Services TWI has been at the forefront of developing arc welding processes and, as such, offers a number of associated services. This type of welding produces more waste than other methods, meaning that project costs can be higher for some jobs.

Different Types of Arc Welding

Selcuk, in2013 13. There are standards relating to arc welding and advice booklets. The process is very versatile, requiring little operator training and inexpensive equipment. Disadvantages of Arc Welding The disadvantages of Arc welding include the following. This metal electrode can be either consumable otherwise non-consumable based on the requirement. This is a popular welding technique for thin sheets and sections.

What is Arc Welding?

Basic Welding Circuit The basic arc-welding circuit is illustrated in Fig. Welding with DC is preferable to welding with AC. Environment All power sources should be marked with an IP rating which provides information about the degree to which the equipment is protected against water. 22 PTAW has disadvantages compared to GTAW. The workpiece is connected to a welding cable typically by means of a spring loaded clamp or screw clamp.